Borderline:Word Wizard by Laela Shibli Due:Fri May 22

On page 71 ,chapter 9, the quotation,”Little white lies” is the words that I first chose.Basically “Little white lies” is a way to be polite to someone and not upsetting them instead,so that the person does not catch feelings or hurts them.It is relevant to the story because Sammy(the main character) does that alot in the story where he lies to a person for the reason that they don’t get mad,angry or upset.For example on page 81,chapter 10,”Marty told you about my folks?” Sammy replies with “Sort of.Not really.” Even though Sammy actually knew he didn’t want to offend his friend so he ended up doing a little white lie.

On page 72,chapter 9, the quotations “He lets out a whoop and lopes haphazardly into the pines.” Haphazardly means carefree,careless,or irresponsibly.In the book characters do things that are careless,or irresponsible decisions and even without a care of their surroundings.For example on page 50,chapter 6, “Sabiri! Stop!” I keep running. “Sabiri I said, ‘Stop!”(Sabiri is Sammy).Sammy was running away from his vice principal after getting in trouble.This is just one example of a character doing something without care,consequence and being irresponsible.

On Page 77,chapter 10 the word “hermit” is a quite interesting word and actually connects with the story.Hermits are people that donly like really socializing with other humans almost at all times.Their considered loners they tend move around alot and dont stay in a place for too long. It’s significant because the dad to me seems like a hermit,he’s always got someplace to go for example On page 88,chapter 11, Sammy’s dad went to Toronto,Dallas,Washington in just a matter of a month.

On Page 83,chapter 10 the word “Fornication” said by the character Mary Louise causes me to think of the religion in the story.Forcnication basically means sex before marriage which is actually funny considering the parents are muslim and the religion itself does not allow sex before marriage.Its significant because if it wasnt for the “accident” with Mary Louise,on page the same page,”me touching Mary Louise Prescott’s bra was the same as fornication.” Sammy wouldn’t have been sent to the all boys academy and many things would have been different for example the bullying,meeting a teacher that wants to actually help him and it was one of the first causes of his “broken trust”.

On Page 84,chapter 11 the word “Hemorrhage” is another word I chose.A hemorrhage is a ruptured blood vessel in your brain or the lose of the blood and usually caused by trauma or a disease.I feel like the mom is going through a traumatic moment without showing it or being too obvious about it, like she’s hiding something from others more specifically her family and sooner or later it will cause something huge.For example Sammy glances over at his mom,”She’s afraid,what does she know think?”.I think its significant because if she doesn’t express what she’s thinking or her feelings on something when the time comes she will explode and it will cause damage.


Borderline:Passage Master by Laela Shibli Due:Fri May 15

On page 145,chapter 18, has a passage that is significant to the story,”Dad went to a security conference in Toronto.”Sammy was explaining to the FBI about what his dad did in Toronto,Canada something the FBI knew a little about but wanted more info and getting through the family was the best way to get that info even though Sammy didn’t really know what was happening and was also in the dark.The whole idea with what happened in toronto has caused havoc in not only the family but now the government.Arman Sabiri,Sammy’s dad, had promised Sammy into going on a trip to Toronto,”I’m off to a four-day security conference in Toronto,” “The jays have a doubleheader saturday with boston,” I could get us tickets.”It ends up getting canceled by his father saying something came up and now he has to go alone and left Sammy with alot of emotions.Then after the FBI want to know about that trip? To me it seems that that trip is where everybody’s attention is in the story because know one really knows and if they do their not telling and its causing some things to happen in the story for example Sammy relationship with his father and sooner or later will lose that bond completely if the trust is not gained, people look at the family differently like their terrorists,the government is watching their every move and have no more privacy.Everything seems to be revolving on that “visit” and once its revealed it wont be good.

On page 163,chapter 21,has an interesting passage,”The investigation targeted the Brotherhood of Martyrs and Dr.Arman Sabiri. Dr.Sabiri is a research director at Shelton Laboratories,the category-four bio lab near Rochester,New York.”This is the bombshell of the story,this quote was from a man on the news in the media room with FBI agents with thousands of people watching him especially Sabiri’s dad Dr.Arman Sabiri,saying that now the brotherhood is being targeted by the FBI and possibly the government for suspected in a crime against the country.Based on this information getting out to not only the country but the specific community the family lives in,affects them and makes a huge impact on the family especially Sabiri because the minute it happened the image of the “normal family” image that they wanted people to see is not completely destroyed and ends up changing how everybody sees them or hurts the family.For example on page 184 chapter 22 Sammy finally goes back to school after people finding about his family,”Today it’s like nobody’s staring at me but they really are,” or when Eddy(Sammy’s bully) ends up mouthing “Osama” to him.Their family is now getting what they never wanted and that was for others to see them as “different”.

On page 164,chapter 21,is where I chose my third passage,”Dad.What have you done?.” The passage itself would have been at the point that Sammy(the main character) has finally got to the idea that he no longer knows his father,he’s blaming his father for being suspected in a terrorist attack based on what he saw on the social media.It has also gotten to the point where the conflict is getting into action,showing that after all those secrets from his father,after this he could finally get some real answers.Its the reason why it has such a significance because it is the turning point of the story where something major is about to happen, Sammy “doesn’t know what he’s done,” it’s starts to effect Sammy and the family.For example back on page 114,chapter 14 “Lies!” Dad yells. “Lies,lies,lies! It’s all lies with you! Secrets and lies!” “Look who’s talking!.” Right after that conversation it was the beginning of the end,where from now on it will no longer be like their “normal” calm family.




Borderline:Making Connections by Laela Shibli Due:Fri May 8

In the book Borderline I found several things that both character and I had in common,from text-to-self,text-to-text and text-to-world.On page 24,chapter 3,the father(Arman) of the main character(Sammy) says,”I don’t want you out alone in a strange city.” He’s stating that he doesn’t want his son going without him to Toronto alone because its a “strange”  city,even though the father doesn’t even live there and has only been their for one reason business.It’s actually funny that his father says that because my father says that as well,sometimes if he ends up visiting a place once and something happens there that he doesn’t like he would never change his mind and would call the place “abnormal” or “it’s a horrible place,” half the time the reason is that the road was too bumpy.

On page 37,chapter 5,Sammy says,”She’s wearing her head scarf! Her green silk hijab! She never wears it in public except at mosque.Why now?” Initially he’s embarrassed of his mother for the reason that she is simply embarrassing her religion by wearing a hijab,which is ridiculous,you should be proud of that.Its sad really because of what has happened in the past for example 9/11,it has caused a lot of the muslim wearing wearing a hijab to be scared or self conscious in public,or event to the point where their own children would be embarrassed,most of it being because of how the social media portrays women with hijabs.

On page 40,chapter five, a girl named Mary Louise a christian,preaches to Sammy saying,” Sammy,I have to tell you about jesus.”Sammy replies with, “I already know about him,” “He’s one of our prophets.” She replies with,”No!”,Hes not just a prophet he’s the savior.” “Okay.Fine.Want some gum?” “I mean it, Sammy.You have to believe.How can I be happy up in heaven if you’re burning in hell?” Honestly im really sick of these “preachers” thinking they have the right to come up to people and try to “teach”(force) people about the bible that “if you don’t believe you will regret it.” Newsflash! I wouldn’t leave my religion because you knocked on my door.Its not right im not saying that every single person’s intentions are the same but they come off that way.Im certainly not the only one with a bad experience,but this on time this man had the guts to tell my mother and I that we should change our religion,he’s lucky he was old.To me some of them are crazy,the things they would do or try to do is beyond me.Did I mention that Mary Louise the christian girl ended up telling Sammy he could touch her boobs if he comes to the “living joy club.” “Sammy,would you like to touch my boos?” ” What?” “If you promise to come to the living with joy club you can touch my boobs.” “Isn’t that against the rules or something?” “Nothing’s a sin if you have a pure heart and do it for jesus.” Let’s just say he did and got caught.


My bucket list

  1.  Buy a baby tiger cub or a lion lion cub
  2. Go to Grenada
  3. graduate from university
  4. go zorbing
  5. float in the dead sea
  6. start a charity or an organization
  7. hike down the grand canyon
  8. go to coachella
  9. go skydiving
  10. walk on the edge of the CN tower
  11. go to a golden state warriors game with my step brother to watch Stephen curry play
  12. become bilingual in another language
  13. ride a hot air balloon
  14. go see the Amazon rainforest to look at the wild life
  15. chase a tornado
  16. go parachuting
  17.  go on a road trip with a friend
  18.  go scuba diving
  19. zip line through an exotic island
  20. own my own exotic island
  21. visit the pyramids of Giza
  22. swim with dolphins
  23. do a colour run
  24. go bungee jumping
  25. jump down a waterfall
  26. go underwater in Australia’s “cage of death”
  27. own an expensive apartment in new York
  28. meet the weekend
  29. explore Canada’s national parks
  30. travel around the world !

some places I would visit are

  •  Paris
  • Bora Bora
  • Dubai
  • Pakistan
  • Jamaica
  • Iceland
  • London
  • Rome
  • Italy
  • Hawaii
  •  Spain
  • Greece
  • Switzerland
  • New York

News Report : revised version

Capulet enemy caught Stealing kiss

Kiss Khan

Romeo and Juliet kiss <  >

On Saturday evening , in Verona Italy , the Capulet family held a

feast.The Monatgue’s son, Romeo,was caught kissing the Capulet’s

daughter, Juliet by a nurse. An eyewitness ( William Collins , A

townsman ) says that “these two love-birds didn’t just exchange one

kiss ; they exchanged TWO! This has come as a shock to the towns

people as the Capulets and Montagues are sworn enemies

and this love between Romeo and Juliet is forbidden. The Capulets

and Montagues are furious with their children‘s betrayal . “Many

people are  tired and annoyed by the constant fighting

between these families and we are worried about the conflict this romance could bring ” says

Thomas Sutton, a local blacksmith . Despite the Montagues and Capulets disapproval Romeo and

Juliet still are happily in love and there is talk in the town of a potential wedding !


Juliets POV

Today my family will be having a feast , earlier today my mother told me some very unexpected news! She told me Paris would like to marry me ! I am quite nervous to meet him .Mother assures me there are many young wives and mothers but I don’t know if I am ready just quite yet . However I can not refuse a husband of course , I must try to see the good in him and consider Paris to be my soul mate . Although what if I don’t have feelings for Paris ! Should I not have the right to spend the rest of my life with someone  I truly love and care for ? I understand my mother wants what is best for me but sometimes I feel that this family only cares for what makes the “Capulet” name look best!

balcony scene comparison

The balcony scene in my opinion is the most important scene in the play Romeo and Juliet. The 1968 and the 1996 movies are very different ,however both show the connection between Romeo and Juliet very well.Both movies did a good job at portraying the story however the 1996 movie was a lot more modern ,which some say can take away from this scene .These two movies had different settings ,different costumes, and a different placement of Juliet during this scene.


Romeo and Juliet 1968 < >

The most obvious thing that is different between these interpretations of such a classic play is that they are placed in very different settings . The 1968 version sticks to the play and takes place at a balcony , whereas the 1996 version takes place at a pool. I prefer the 1968 version because the most important part of the balcony scene is that it takes place on a BALCONY! I feel that the 1996 version modernized this way too much by having Juliet come down from an elevator,this ruined the scene as elevators don’t fit the time of the play at all.


Another thing that differs between the 1968 version and the 1996 version is where Juliet was placed. Juliet’s placement is crucial in the balcony scene. I believe Shakespeare intentionally placed Juliet higher than Romeo to show how Romeo views Juliet. By positioning Juliet  above Romeo it shows he sees her as a goddess and shows his infatuation for Juliet .In the 1996 Romeo and Juliet movie Romeo and Juliet are on the same level , which ruins the “moment” between the two.

Romeo and Juliet 1996 < >


Also i found that the costumes were a lot more different as well  .The 1968 movie again stayed true to the movie , with costumes that looked like they were from the Elizabethan era , while the 1996 movie costumes were again more modernized . Also in the two movies Romeo and Juliet are afraid of getting caught however in the 1968 version Romeo is afraid of being caught by Juliet’s kinsmen and in the 1996 version Romeo is scared the security cameras will catch him.


In conclusion Both the 1968 Romeo and Juliet movie and the 1996 movie were very different. Personally I believe that the 1968 version stayed more true to the play which made it the better movie . The 1996 version modernized the play too much by changing the setting ,changing Juliet’s position and changing the costumes . In my opinion the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet is way better , this movie kept all the key elements of the play which makes it a better it a better play.





The water and sanitation crisis

The importance of clean water and sanitation is often overlooked by many. There is more than 750 million people who do not have access to clean water  and over 840,000 people who die as a result of this. [1] Many women and children have to travel long distances so that they may have water ,however often this water is unsafe to drink and can cause many horrible diseases . 2.5 billion people do not have access to improved sanitation and basic hygiene necessities. [1] The lack of both water and proper sanitation has not just resulted in disease but has also resulted in death,water conflicts,water wars, and affects economics. Although organizations and charities are beginning to build knowledge on this issue there is still the need to raise awareness about this subject and to take action , so that everyone can have safe drinking water and good sanitation.


“The water crisis is the #1 global risk based on impact to society (as a measure of devastation), and the #8 global risk based on likelihood (likelihood of occurring within 10 years) as announced by the World Economic Forum, January 2015.” [2]


image by:dreamatico




What is the water crisis? The water crisis is a situation where the available potable, unpolluted water within a region is less than that region’s demand.Water scarcity is being driven by two converging phenomena: growing freshwater use and depletion of usable freshwater resources.[4]70 percent of our world is water and only 2.5 percent of that is fresh water .Which is the water that 7 billion need to live and perform daily activities with.[1]Obviously this could tend to get scarce however many countries including Canada  are taking advantage of this extremely important resource. For example we swim in gallons upon gallons of water while there are millions of people who don’t have a single drop of clean and safe water to drink or to bathe with . Countries with access to water  tend to  become ungrateful ,however many countries need our help to start taking action .


What water and sanitation is available to you plays a huge part in your life and has a bigger impact on your country than you may think .Water is fundamental to health, education, a life style, your career,food,development of a country,and poverty.The affects it can have on citizens are shocking.Listed below are some examples and explanations of its affects…

  • Health

Water plays such a vital role in everyone’s health no matter what age you are. Every single person in this world NEEDS water to survive. Safe water can prevent many unpleasant diseases including malaria, diarrhoea and malnutrition. [6] These cause millions of illnesses and deaths every year. Water also impacts our health because it makes up 60 % of the human body , and is needed to help our cells and organs function. Also diseases tend to be infectious and can spread very quickly , the consequences of this can relate to  increased death rates in towns,villages ,cities or even countries  .

  • Education 

Many people are not aware of this but water can affect a child’s education dramatically. Time that is spent travelling to get water can be timely and very dangerous. Often it is mothers and children who are sent to collect water. This is usually  a very long walk and takes time away from children and girls having the opportunity to get an education. These walks can also be very dangerous…women and children often get hurt by falling, by attacks from animals , by drowning  and some don’t return home. The water that does come home is usually unsafe to drink and causes illness in the family. The time spent collecting water could be time better spent towards a child going to school and being able to have a good career.

More people have a cellphone than a toilet?![1]

Because of the water crisis, sanitation has also become a problem in many countries.Some countries include India,china,Indonesia,Nigeria,Pakistan.Out of the world’s population( roughly 7 billion) 6 million have access to a cellphone while only 4.5 million have access to a toilet [5]People who do not have access to proper sanitation are at risk for diarrhoea and many horrible diseases that ultimately lead to death.[1] Something so simple as a toilet and yet many of us take it for granted .Many people in a variety of countries  have to do their business in the open…I’m sure we can all imagine the smells this would leave and what death threatening diseases that could come from this . Also many people don’t have access to soap to wash their hands or shower ,this leads to lots of infections and makes it a lot easier to become sick.

(c) Panos Picures. Liberia is experiencing poor sanitary condition that is leading to the deaths of over 1,800 children less than five years die each year from diarrhoea – nearly 90% of which is directly attributed to poor water, sanitation and hygiene.

sanitation,image by Irish aid ,

 What are some possible solutions and how can we help?

  • Take shorter showers
  • Don’t waste water
  • conserve water(don’t leave taps running)
  • stop polluting the water we do have!
  • be mindful of what you put down your drain
  • Donate to a water charity of your choice
  • Be aware of the water crisis
  • Take action!

Some questions to consider ….

How would you insure that everyone has clean and safe water to drink and has access to good sanitation ?

and / or 

How do you think technology could solve the water crisis?