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The balcony scene in my opinion is the most important scene in the play Romeo and Juliet. The 1968 and the 1996 movies are very different ,however both show the connection between Romeo and Juliet very well.Both movies did a good job at portraying the story however the 1996 movie was a lot more modern ,which some say can take away from this scene .These two movies had different settings ,different costumes, and a different placement of Juliet during this scene.


Romeo and Juliet 1968 < >

The most obvious thing that is different between these interpretations of such a classic play is that they are placed in very different settings . The 1968 version sticks to the play and takes place at a balcony , whereas the 1996 version takes place at a pool. I prefer the 1968 version because the most important part of the balcony scene is that it takes place on a BALCONY! I feel that the 1996 version modernized this way too much by having Juliet come down from an elevator,this ruined the scene as elevators don’t fit the time of the play at all.


Another thing that differs between the 1968 version and the 1996 version is where Juliet was placed. Juliet’s placement is crucial in the balcony scene. I believe Shakespeare intentionally placed Juliet higher than Romeo to show how Romeo views Juliet. By positioning Juliet  above Romeo it shows he sees her as a goddess and shows his infatuation for Juliet .In the 1996 Romeo and Juliet movie Romeo and Juliet are on the same level , which ruins the “moment” between the two.

Romeo and Juliet 1996 < >


Also i found that the costumes were a lot more different as well  .The 1968 movie again stayed true to the movie , with costumes that looked like they were from the Elizabethan era , while the 1996 movie costumes were again more modernized . Also in the two movies Romeo and Juliet are afraid of getting caught however in the 1968 version Romeo is afraid of being caught by Juliet’s kinsmen and in the 1996 version Romeo is scared the security cameras will catch him.


In conclusion Both the 1968 Romeo and Juliet movie and the 1996 movie were very different. Personally I believe that the 1968 version stayed more true to the play which made it the better movie . The 1996 version modernized the play too much by changing the setting ,changing Juliet’s position and changing the costumes . In my opinion the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet is way better , this movie kept all the key elements of the play which makes it a better it a better play.





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