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Capulet enemy caught Stealing kiss

Kiss Khan

Romeo and Juliet kiss <  >

On Saturday evening , in Verona Italy , the Capulet family held a

feast.The Monatgue’s son, Romeo,was caught kissing the Capulet’s

daughter, Juliet by a nurse. An eyewitness ( William Collins , A

townsman ) says that “these two love-birds didn’t just exchange one

kiss ; they exchanged TWO! This has come as a shock to the towns

people as the Capulets and Montagues are sworn enemies

and this love between Romeo and Juliet is forbidden. The Capulets

and Montagues are furious with their children‘s betrayal . “Many

people are  tired and annoyed by the constant fighting

between these families and we are worried about the conflict this romance could bring ” says

Thomas Sutton, a local blacksmith . Despite the Montagues and Capulets disapproval Romeo and

Juliet still are happily in love and there is talk in the town of a potential wedding !


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