Borderline:Making Connections by Laela Shibli Due:Fri May 8

In the book Borderline I found several things that both character and I had in common,from text-to-self,text-to-text and text-to-world.On page 24,chapter 3,the father(Arman) of the main character(Sammy) says,”I don’t want you out alone in a strange city.” He’s stating that he doesn’t want his son going without him to Toronto alone because its a “strange”  city,even though the father doesn’t even live there and has only been their for one reason business.It’s actually funny that his father says that because my father says that as well,sometimes if he ends up visiting a place once and something happens there that he doesn’t like he would never change his mind and would call the place “abnormal” or “it’s a horrible place,” half the time the reason is that the road was too bumpy.

On page 37,chapter 5,Sammy says,”She’s wearing her head scarf! Her green silk hijab! She never wears it in public except at mosque.Why now?” Initially he’s embarrassed of his mother for the reason that she is simply embarrassing her religion by wearing a hijab,which is ridiculous,you should be proud of that.Its sad really because of what has happened in the past for example 9/11,it has caused a lot of the muslim wearing wearing a hijab to be scared or self conscious in public,or event to the point where their own children would be embarrassed,most of it being because of how the social media portrays women with hijabs.

On page 40,chapter five, a girl named Mary Louise a christian,preaches to Sammy saying,” Sammy,I have to tell you about jesus.”Sammy replies with, “I already know about him,” “He’s one of our prophets.” She replies with,”No!”,Hes not just a prophet he’s the savior.” “Okay.Fine.Want some gum?” “I mean it, Sammy.You have to believe.How can I be happy up in heaven if you’re burning in hell?” Honestly im really sick of these “preachers” thinking they have the right to come up to people and try to “teach”(force) people about the bible that “if you don’t believe you will regret it.” Newsflash! I wouldn’t leave my religion because you knocked on my door.Its not right im not saying that every single person’s intentions are the same but they come off that way.Im certainly not the only one with a bad experience,but this on time this man had the guts to tell my mother and I that we should change our religion,he’s lucky he was old.To me some of them are crazy,the things they would do or try to do is beyond me.Did I mention that Mary Louise the christian girl ended up telling Sammy he could touch her boobs if he comes to the “living joy club.” “Sammy,would you like to touch my boos?” ” What?” “If you promise to come to the living with joy club you can touch my boobs.” “Isn’t that against the rules or something?” “Nothing’s a sin if you have a pure heart and do it for jesus.” Let’s just say he did and got caught.


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