Borderline:Passage Master by Laela Shibli Due:Fri May 15

On page 145,chapter 18, has a passage that is significant to the story,”Dad went to a security conference in Toronto.”Sammy was explaining to the FBI about what his dad did in Toronto,Canada something the FBI knew a little about but wanted more info and getting through the family was the best way to get that info even though Sammy didn’t really know what was happening and was also in the dark.The whole idea with what happened in toronto has caused havoc in not only the family but now the government.Arman Sabiri,Sammy’s dad, had promised Sammy into going on a trip to Toronto,”I’m off to a four-day security conference in Toronto,” “The jays have a doubleheader saturday with boston,” I could get us tickets.”It ends up getting canceled by his father saying something came up and now he has to go alone and left Sammy with alot of emotions.Then after the FBI want to know about that trip? To me it seems that that trip is where everybody’s attention is in the story because know one really knows and if they do their not telling and its causing some things to happen in the story for example Sammy relationship with his father and sooner or later will lose that bond completely if the trust is not gained, people look at the family differently like their terrorists,the government is watching their every move and have no more privacy.Everything seems to be revolving on that “visit” and once its revealed it wont be good.

On page 163,chapter 21,has an interesting passage,”The investigation targeted the Brotherhood of Martyrs and Dr.Arman Sabiri. Dr.Sabiri is a research director at Shelton Laboratories,the category-four bio lab near Rochester,New York.”This is the bombshell of the story,this quote was from a man on the news in the media room with FBI agents with thousands of people watching him especially Sabiri’s dad Dr.Arman Sabiri,saying that now the brotherhood is being targeted by the FBI and possibly the government for suspected in a crime against the country.Based on this information getting out to not only the country but the specific community the family lives in,affects them and makes a huge impact on the family especially Sabiri because the minute it happened the image of the “normal family” image that they wanted people to see is not completely destroyed and ends up changing how everybody sees them or hurts the family.For example on page 184 chapter 22 Sammy finally goes back to school after people finding about his family,”Today it’s like nobody’s staring at me but they really are,” or when Eddy(Sammy’s bully) ends up mouthing “Osama” to him.Their family is now getting what they never wanted and that was for others to see them as “different”.

On page 164,chapter 21,is where I chose my third passage,”Dad.What have you done?.” The passage itself would have been at the point that Sammy(the main character) has finally got to the idea that he no longer knows his father,he’s blaming his father for being suspected in a terrorist attack based on what he saw on the social media.It has also gotten to the point where the conflict is getting into action,showing that after all those secrets from his father,after this he could finally get some real answers.Its the reason why it has such a significance because it is the turning point of the story where something major is about to happen, Sammy “doesn’t know what he’s done,” it’s starts to effect Sammy and the family.For example back on page 114,chapter 14 “Lies!” Dad yells. “Lies,lies,lies! It’s all lies with you! Secrets and lies!” “Look who’s talking!.” Right after that conversation it was the beginning of the end,where from now on it will no longer be like their “normal” calm family.




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