Borderline:Word Wizard by Laela Shibli Due:Fri May 22

On page 71 ,chapter 9, the quotation,”Little white lies” is the words that I first chose.Basically “Little white lies” is a way to be polite to someone and not upsetting them instead,so that the person does not catch feelings or hurts them.It is relevant to the story because Sammy(the main character) does that alot in the story where he lies to a person for the reason that they don’t get mad,angry or upset.For example on page 81,chapter 10,”Marty told you about my folks?” Sammy replies with “Sort of.Not really.” Even though Sammy actually knew he didn’t want to offend his friend so he ended up doing a little white lie.

On page 72,chapter 9, the quotations “He lets out a whoop and lopes haphazardly into the pines.” Haphazardly means carefree,careless,or irresponsibly.In the book characters do things that are careless,or irresponsible decisions and even without a care of their surroundings.For example on page 50,chapter 6, “Sabiri! Stop!” I keep running. “Sabiri I said, ‘Stop!”(Sabiri is Sammy).Sammy was running away from his vice principal after getting in trouble.This is just one example of a character doing something without care,consequence and being irresponsible.

On Page 77,chapter 10 the word “hermit” is a quite interesting word and actually connects with the story.Hermits are people that donly like really socializing with other humans almost at all times.Their considered loners they tend move around alot and dont stay in a place for too long. It’s significant because the dad to me seems like a hermit,he’s always got someplace to go for example On page 88,chapter 11, Sammy’s dad went to Toronto,Dallas,Washington in just a matter of a month.

On Page 83,chapter 10 the word “Fornication” said by the character Mary Louise causes me to think of the religion in the story.Forcnication basically means sex before marriage which is actually funny considering the parents are muslim and the religion itself does not allow sex before marriage.Its significant because if it wasnt for the “accident” with Mary Louise,on page the same page,”me touching Mary Louise Prescott’s bra was the same as fornication.” Sammy wouldn’t have been sent to the all boys academy and many things would have been different for example the bullying,meeting a teacher that wants to actually help him and it was one of the first causes of his “broken trust”.

On Page 84,chapter 11 the word “Hemorrhage” is another word I chose.A hemorrhage is a ruptured blood vessel in your brain or the lose of the blood and usually caused by trauma or a disease.I feel like the mom is going through a traumatic moment without showing it or being too obvious about it, like she’s hiding something from others more specifically her family and sooner or later it will cause something huge.For example Sammy glances over at his mom,”She’s afraid,what does she know think?”.I think its significant because if she doesn’t express what she’s thinking or her feelings on something when the time comes she will explode and it will cause damage.


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