Borderline Week #4: Summarizer-Abiha

Chapter 22-Chapter 28: Pg. 175-Pg. 233

During the entire weekend, information about the Islamic terrorist organization, known as the Brotherhood of Martyrs, is constantly flashed across radio and news stations throughout Rochester. The same, old images of Arman, Sami’s Dad, being dragged out of the Sabiri house by FBI agents are replayed as well. Though, they are now accompanied by interviews from the residents of Meadowvale, employees from Sheldon Laboratories and students from the Academy. Confused, tired and frustrated, Sami tries calling Andy and Marty in order to discuss his problems. However, they do no answer Sami’s calls or reply to his texts. Sami is found questioning the silence, wondering if the three are still friends. Left with nothing to do, Sami unconsciously walks towards Arman’s office. Maneuvering the mess made by the FBI, Sami settles himself underneath his Dad’s desk while hugging a picture of the two to his chest. Unwilling to believe the accusations being hurled, Sami questions his Dad’s actions and motives.

Monday morning, Sami is driven to school by his Mom, Neda. She believes that it is necessary to brave the community, to show them that the Sabiri family is courageous and strong willed. However, Neda returns to pick him up from the school midafternoon; a court hearing for Arman has been scheduled for the evening of the same day. When arriving at the Academy, Neda is greeted by Mr. Samuels, the principal. Recommending home-schooling for Sami as a result of the current circumstances (Arman’s arrest), he offers to refund fees for the remainder of the school year. However, Neda declines and walks out of the office holding her head high, she feels that Mr. Samuel is trying to save the reputation of his beloved school. Before leaving, she swiftly reminds Mr. Samuel that Sami has an equal right to attend the Academy and be educated.

Accompanied by their lawyer, Mr. Bhanjee, Sami and his Mom attend Arman’s court hearing. During the trial, an email recovered from Arman’s account is presented as a form of evidence towards his crimes, though, it is vague, providing no real clues. Furthermore, Arman claims that the email is not what it look likes. As a result, it is decided that Arman will be held in custody until firm evidence supporting him guilty or innocent is provided.

Dejected, puzzled and unsure how to help, Sami returns to school the next day only to find himself being targeted by Eddy Harrison (the school bully), and his gang. Eddy corners Sami in the washrooms, subsequently lowering him headfirst into a dirty toilet. Eddy tries blackmailing Sami into accepting aloud that his Dad is a terrorist. However, before Sami can succumb to the treatment, he is rescued by Mr. Bernstein, a history teacher. Before Mr. Bernstein and Sami can report the incident, Sami is called down to the office by Mr. Samuel. Not allowing him to explain, Mr. Samuel expels Sami based on a story already reported by Eddy. He further claims that Sami has simply committed many unlawful actions; getting into fights, swearing in class and vandalizing school property. Mr. Samuel states that he is left with no other choice.

Undeterred by his expulsion, Sami races towards Meadowvale Secondary School in the hopes of meeting Andy and Marty. Sami finds out that Andy and Marty were not ignoring him; their parents had simply taken their phones away and ordered them to stay away from Sami. Moreover, they had tried contacting Sami through pay-phones multiple times, though, their calls were not answered. Powered by his friends’ loyalty, Sami proposes the idea of travelling to Toronto in order to find the terrorist leader, Tariq Hasan, and proving his father innocent. Agreeing to help, Andy and Marty lie to their parents about a cottage visit up north while Sami leaves a note for his Mom. Boating to Canada, and subsequently being driven by Andy, the trio begin their trip to Toronto.

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