Borderline:Summarizer (Kiss Khan)

The beginning of chapters 7-14 starts with Sami fleeing from school and embarking on a journey to his best friend’s cottage.Sami was mad at his father for going to toronto alone and cancelling their father-son weekend trip.As a result of his father cancelling , Sami decides to ask his Mom to go on a trip with his best friends (Andy and Marty) to Andy’s cottage. However, Sami begins to get a guilty feeling about not asking his father too. He feels as if him and his mother are betraying his father, however still decides to go anyway. Once Andy and Marty pick up Sami from school (after him fleeing) he feels as if the guilt is eating him alive and he is aware there are going to be serious consequences to his actions. He asks Andy to turn up the music loud so he can enjoy the last weekend of his freedom. Later they reach the docks and take Andy’s boat to get to the cottage.Once they arrive at the cottage they begin to prepare for their night on a deserted island called “hermits island.” They begin to start gathering all the materials they will need. Sami is given the chance to drive the boat to the Island as Andy and Marty wanted the group to stay the night on the island. Sami however, had a gut feeling that they shouldn’t stay but he ignores that feeling when his friends begin to tease him.They reach the island and begin to set up camp.Andy and Marty start drinking, but Sami decides to stay sober as he is not much of a drinker/partier. After just a few minutes Andy has lost control of himself and runs into the bushes with Sami chasing behind him. Sami finds his best friend under a shack and within moments a scary mysterious “hermit” man appears. The man threatens the boys and asks for personal identification and requests they must leave by 9 am sharp. If sami’s guilty feeling wasn’t already bad enough it sky rockets after this and he demands Andy to take him home. Sami thought that by returning home everything would be fine and he could forget everything, but he doesn’t. Instead Sami feels like even more of a disappointment to his parents even though they don’t know anything yet. The next day Sami decides to bike to school and meets Eddy, (his bully) along the way. Eddy and his friends begin to beat Sami up until they are stopped by  their history teacher. Sami asks his teacher not to help him as he already feels embarrassed. As a result Sami ends up getting suspended for “fighting” Eddy. Eddy had told the principal that Sami fought him and threatened him, before Sami could say anything to the principal. Sami worries about what his parents will say,but feels powerless as the academy prefers to listen to white and rich people’s side of the story only. Sami’s life begins to fall apart as his parents are notified from the school and the police show up at their home. The police fill his parents in on what happened over the weekend and explain there was evidence of drugs,alcohol and condoms left on the island.These chapters end with Sami and his Father getting into an argument. Sami knows he had not done anything wrong other than continuously being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Mr.sabiri doesn’t believe his son because of events from the past and tells the family he “has no son.” This hurts Sami and makes him feel like even more of a disappointment to his family.These chapters build the plot of the book and show a different side of Sami’s life.


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