Borderline illustrator( Kiss Khan)


This week I was the illustrator for chapters 1-7.I decided to make an online drawing of Sami sabiri (behind the table) and his father (in front) talking ,while the father was drinking milk and molasses.



My illustration shows the father and son having a conversation shortly after the father had prepared his milk and molasses. Throughout the novel , Sami and his father are being portrayed with a very weak and awkward relationship between the two. I was able to mimic this part of the book with my illustration because of how it was described in the book.

I go up the stairs, stop in the doorway.”Dad?” 

He sits bolt upright. “Sami?”

“I got up to pee.Thought I heard something.”

He tries to smile. “Just me and my milk and molasses. 

You should get back to bed.”

“Can’t sleep.”

“That makes two of us.”

I stand there, not knowing what to do.Then i edge over to the table and slip onto the chair opposite him.His eyes are red.

Dad catches me staring.”What are you looking at?”

“Nothing.” I glance at the calendar on the side of the fridge, embarrassed.


The reason why my illustration has such a big significance to chapters 1-7 is because it is a great representation of Sami’s and Mr. Sabiri’s father-son relationship. Sami’s father had made a promise to Sami and broke it. He promised to take Sami to Toronto with him,and then out of no where he changed his mind and decided to keep the trip strictly for business purposes. This aggravated Sami and Sami’s mother. However usually kids can not stay mad at their parents for long and  after having a conversation with his father, Sami becomes more understanding and forgives his father. Although even after all is forgiven between Sami and his father they still have tension and awkward misconceptions which lead readers to more questions.

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