Borderline:Passage Master (Kiss Khan)

This week I was passage master for chapters 29-36. Here are my selected passages…

PASSAGE #1 (CH.29-PG.237)

No ham or sausage,” I say


“Its haraam.”

“Haraam.? Andy looks at me weird. “Like the food list your dad used to send to the cottage?”

“You got a problem with that?”

“No. Andy says,hands in the air. “I just never thought you were religious is all.” 

” I don’t know what I am. I just don’t want to take any chances.”


I chose this passage because it is a great representation of two things, Sami finding his faith and Sami being able to stand up for himself. Sami throughout borderline is very ashamed of his religion and his family being a Muslim family. There are many instances in the novel where Sami just wants to fit in and changes himself away from Islamic traditions.However in this passage, he becomes less insecure about being a Muslim and starts to embrace his faith.


PASSAGE#2 (CH.32-PG.261)

“What else did he tell you about me?” 

” You go to Roosevelt Academy.You’re smart, you take chances, you don’t listen,you get yourself into trouble.” He pauses. “We have a lot in common.”

Not on your life.

“Oh and he’s very proud of you,” Tariq adds.

“My father? No way”

“Very proud. He says your name and his light up. He calls you a fighter with a good heart and a great future. I admit, he worries about your friends.”

I chose this passage because it showed a completely different view on Sami and his father’s relationship. Throughout the novel Sami feels as if he is a huge disappointment to his family, especially his father. Mr. Sabiri is very hard on Sami and doesn’t give Sami enough recognition when it is deserved. This had lead sami to believe he was neglected by his father. Hearing that his father does believe in him , even from a stranger helps Sami build his confidence greatly.


Passage #3 (CH.23-PG.274)

“Till you destroyed him.” A dam breaks inside my head.

“Dad-my dad-he’s in jail.My family’s trashed. Because you, a total stranger, had to find your goddamn roots.”

I chose this passage as it is the climax to Sami’s anger and frustration. Throughout the novel Sami is portrayed almost as passive aggressive. He is continuously just letting things go by without taking any action, even if he will have to face consequences for not doing anything.However in this passage it is as if all Sami’s built up anger is being let loose. This definitely gave Sami a confidence boost and made him feel less insecure to speak up. The conversation in this passage has a huge significance to the rest of the novel and helps tie the loose ends of the plot together very well.





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