Has conformity killed our creativity & individuality? (Revised)

What  is conformity ? Conformity is a action in accord with  prevailing social standards ,attitudes ,practices,etc. Conformity can affect many things including  groups, people society .In my opinion many people in society are conformists.Many people feel pressured into staying with the social norms and not wanting to cause too much attention towards themselves.Conformity crushes individuality and creativity and makes our society boring with little to no variety among our people.However giving into acts of conformity can cause danger and cause people to change their behaviours.This gets them into bad situations and can cause harm to themselves.I believe the main reasons why so many people are conformists is because of peer pressure, not wanting to be judged by society and the fact that conformity can act as a safety blanket.


Peer pressure is among the most common ways to get someone to conform into a social or group norm.Peer pressure is everywhere and thought very little of, sometimes these pressures go unnoticed. However the most common places where people feel pressured into doing something they do not want to do is at school,at work,in public,online,and even at home. It isn’t just places that can make us feel obligated to conform its also the people surrounding us at school,work,online, etc. For those who are easy targets and often follow others actions, giving into peer pressure can be dangerous.Sure it means your a conformist, but it can prompt people (such as peers or colleagues) to see just how far you will go to fit in with the crowd. Also by becoming a conformist or constantly still doing things you are not comfortable with it can take your voice and reasoning away. When situations have gotten this bad it usually leads people to dangerous situations because now they are afraid to take action for in their own lives even when threatened by danger. For example if a conformist was placed in a room filled with other people and the room set on fire, this person would probably look to see what others were doing before taking action. This reaction is caused because this person does not want to drag attention to themselves, even though they knew they were in serious trouble.With more and more conformists in our society, how will we, as humans, ever solve a conflict or evolve if we are continuously needing to look to others who may or may not solve our problems.

Secondly, most conformists hate the thought of being judged by anyone.This is why it is easier for these people to conform to society’s norms because there is less of a chance of anyone judging them, after all everyone else is doing the same thing. Having a ton of people to follow  makes it easier  to make decisions. These type of people will do their clothes,their makeup or even their hairstyle like everyone else just to make sure they don’t receive any negative comments.These are called trends and are seen everywhere!Many people are constantly trend seeking and trying out the next trend, which had caused society to become obsessed with this fixation.People who care as much as this about what others think of them or more susceptible to peer pressure , thus continuing this viscous cycle on their individuality and personality.  


Thirdly, Many people are conformists because it gives them a sense of safety.Following everyone around seems a lot easier than solving your own problems on your own. Conforming to everything means throwing responsibility,initiative, leadership and individuality out the window. Although conforming and taking the “easy road” through life may seem more feasible it usually leads to a more unsuccessful life and unhappy life. Anti-conformists and those who are able to think for themselves usually are more happier and successful.By taking of the training wheels or relying on a crutch (like most conformists do), it gives someone freedom to take action and speak for themselves.When someone can embrace their originality and individuality it leaves limitless opportunities for that person because they have complete control of their life .


In conclusion I believe many people are conformists. I believe people are conformists because of peer pressure, not wanting to stand out,not wanting to be judged and finally the feeling of being safe not having to take responsibility for your own life. The scary thing is, is that if society can’t manage the ratio of conformists and anti-conformists, Society will never be able to grow.What if one day our creativity and individuality is killed by the lack of anti-conformists and everyone just wants to be the same. How will humans be able to evolve and solve future conflicts when no one knows what responsibility and leadership is?












As you saw , the participants who were placed alone in a room responded how one usually would if they saw smoke in a room.However the participants who were placed with the group of actors waited to see what the groups response was and what the group norm was.Even though these people knew that they should evacuate the room,they waited for any response so that they did not have to act alone ..Although if this experiment were a real life situation these participants would have died or been injured giving into this conformity.If people continue to depend on these norms society can also be hurt by conformity if we no longer had any creativity and individuality



non-conformity image from: https://bobbigreynolds.wordpress.com/2013/06/08/114/



On the other hand conformity does also have positive outcomes.For one conformity is a great way to easily learn how one is expected to act in society and in public.Also conformity is useful to help maintain our social norms and help society run effectively and smoothly.As Well with conformity people tend to start changing their own personal beliefs , this leads to less controversy over religion and culture.




Here is a list of pros and cons of conformity…



pros of conformity cons of conformity
good for learning appropriate behaviours people change their opinions
helps maintain social norms lack of individuality
easier for people with low self-esteem no variety
helps society function smoothly boring society
less conflict about religion can cause dangerous situations
lack of creativity/uniqueness
no individual beliefs
peer pressure
no growth if everything is the same
could cause serious consequences


As you can see there are far more disadvantages of conformity than advantages.If we do not keep our individuality there will be no way for us to grow as a society.

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