Borderline:Summarizer by Laela Shibli Due:Fri June 5

Summarizing the last 8 chapters from chapters 28-36

1. Chapter 28,page 227-228,Sami sits down in his home and just goes through what his family is going through at the moment and hes worried.His mom is unemployed.Dad in jail.He’s worried about where the money is going to come from,to pay off the lawyer and the house.It seems like at this moment the family is at their lowest point in the whole story where they have kinda given up and think there’s no way out.But there’s only one chance and its up to him to clear his father’s name,hoping the he can do it.

2. Chapter 29,page 229 Sami,Marty and Andy are taking a “roadtrip” to toronto to find info on tariq hassan to help his dads case.Just hoping that its all worth it.

3. Chapter 29-30,pages 235-243, Sami and his friends finally reach their destination in toronto,Canada.At what they think to be Tariq Hassans alleged terrorist “nest” or apartment.But they have to find a way to get in without getting caught which is going to be difficult because you need to get buzzed in for the doors to open.So they decide that Sami should act like a pizza delivery boy which ends up working.

4. Chapter 30,page 243-248,Sami gets up to the apartment after some bickering with the person that is to believed in Tariq Hassan’s apartment such as his companion.When he does arrive at the door of the apartment,he slides a note saying to meet him somewhere and sooner then later gets a note back telling Sami to meet him somewhere more private and better be on time.

5. Chapter 31,page 251-259, Sami finally meets the person who he thinks to be tariq’s girlfriend.They talk for a bit but think its better to go somewhere out of site.So they make a plan that not only ends up with Sami friends getting lost following him but meeting “the hideout”.They get to a can and just so happens to meet the one and only Tariq Hassan.

6. Chapter 32,page 260-267,Tariq knows about Sami saying that his father spoke of him on several occasions.He goes on telling Sami about a story of a man and a women having an affair while being married to another,but ends up feeling guilty and regretful so he decides that suddenly he wants to be loyal to his wife but did not know that the women ended up being pregnant.Sami starts to read in between the lines and figures out that not only was his father that man but the boy just so happened to be Tariq.Tariq is Sami’s half brother!

7. Chapter 33,page 270-274,The “terrorist package” was just a package of family photos.Now knowing the whole story was set up by a man named Erim Malik that was friends with Tariq,he created the so called “Brotherhood of Martyrs” that the social media set up to be the name of the secret terrorist group.All the videos of Tariq and the group saying things that would sound like something a terrorist would say(whatever that means),was sent to the cops and ended up making Tariq look like an enemy of the state and put a target on anybody associated with him which meant Arman Sabiri and the group.But it just so happens that Erim was not arrested.

8. Chapter 34,page 277-284,Sammi arrives back home,he explains what happened with Tariq to his mom and the layer.But the mother has been digging in for info and went right to the source the father.Stating that the mother also knows everything and a little more.Saying that all they needed was a note to prove his innocence but his mother says the FBI had destroyed it while searching the house.But Sami get an idea,he runs to the photo of “Dad and Me” and finds the note.

9. Chapter 35,page 285-291,Sammi wants to take his mind off all the conflict around him so he decides to go back to school with his friends,hes mad that the FBI can’t take the fact that they were wrong all along.It gets better for Sami though,Eddy the bully is looking for Sami,Sami finally stand up for himself instead of running away and this time wins,eddy is the one to walk away with his head between his legs.

10. Chapter 36 page 292-296,Arman finally gets released from the FBI while they give a brief statement of apology.Arman asking for forgiveness from his son but Sami has already given it.Sami and his father’s bond is being repaired again.The family is finally getting better their no conflict happening in their lives,the family seems to be happy and in peace for once in a long time.Sami dreams that it will get better and knows that one day it will.



Borderline:Illustrator by Laela Shibli Due:Fri May 29



On Chapter 29,page 202,Sabiri is at school and It seems like the only place he could hide has been found by his bully’s.”When I arrive,there’s a sign taped under the stairs SABIRI’S SPIDER HOLE.It’s from Eddy.” Sabiri got bullied a lot while at the academy and under the stairs was his hideout,but not only has it been exposed but his bullies now know where he goes and Sabiri is afraid for the reason that he has nowhere to hide .”One thing’s for sure:I’ve lost my safe place.If I’m trapped here now,I’m dead.” Sabiri gets bullied a lot just because he’s the only muslim american at the school,its a group of bullies that come after him,they try to get him in trouble as much as they can.Eddy the “Alpha” if the bully group tries to hurt him more verbally then physically,he wants to but never really gets the chance but when he is verbally abusing Sabiri he calls him names that are racist.For example, one chapter 23 pg 184,”He mouths “Osama” and gives me a creepy wink,” on chapter 26 page 202,”Hi there,terror boy.” Eddy always gets away with bullying even if the teacher finds him doing something the principle just sends him back because Eddy’s parents “give” a lot of money to the school and without saying so they intend to keep him “safe” even though its his doing students should be safe from.There has been multiple occasions where Eddy simply asks even after getting called down to the office to leave and he could.On chapter 26 page 206,”Mr.Samuel let me go sir.”Eddy smirks and saunters down the hall.Then on those same occasions Sabiri is always the one to get in trouble, on chapter 26 page 206,”Mr.Samuels and Mr.McGregor would like to see you and Sabiri.” On top of that the school itself is trying to kick Sabiri out,but in the “nicest way” possible.On chapter 24 page 190,”Homeschooling is an option you might like to consider.” Mom looks him straight in the eye,” so you’re concerned about the family’s connection to the academy.” “No nothing like that.” Mr.Samuels says,temples red.(which is a form of knowing someone is lying) The principle is implying that its for Sabiri but as you could tell this is clearly for the school.















Borderline:Word Wizard by Laela Shibli Due:Fri May 22

On page 71 ,chapter 9, the quotation,”Little white lies” is the words that I first chose.Basically “Little white lies” is a way to be polite to someone and not upsetting them instead,so that the person does not catch feelings or hurts them.It is relevant to the story because Sammy(the main character) does that alot in the story where he lies to a person for the reason that they don’t get mad,angry or upset.For example on page 81,chapter 10,”Marty told you about my folks?” Sammy replies with “Sort of.Not really.” Even though Sammy actually knew he didn’t want to offend his friend so he ended up doing a little white lie.

On page 72,chapter 9, the quotations “He lets out a whoop and lopes haphazardly into the pines.” Haphazardly means carefree,careless,or irresponsibly.In the book characters do things that are careless,or irresponsible decisions and even without a care of their surroundings.For example on page 50,chapter 6, “Sabiri! Stop!” I keep running. “Sabiri I said, ‘Stop!”(Sabiri is Sammy).Sammy was running away from his vice principal after getting in trouble.This is just one example of a character doing something without care,consequence and being irresponsible.

On Page 77,chapter 10 the word “hermit” is a quite interesting word and actually connects with the story.Hermits are people that donly like really socializing with other humans almost at all times.Their considered loners they tend move around alot and dont stay in a place for too long. It’s significant because the dad to me seems like a hermit,he’s always got someplace to go for example On page 88,chapter 11, Sammy’s dad went to Toronto,Dallas,Washington in just a matter of a month.

On Page 83,chapter 10 the word “Fornication” said by the character Mary Louise causes me to think of the religion in the story.Forcnication basically means sex before marriage which is actually funny considering the parents are muslim and the religion itself does not allow sex before marriage.Its significant because if it wasnt for the “accident” with Mary Louise,on page the same page,”me touching Mary Louise Prescott’s bra was the same as fornication.” Sammy wouldn’t have been sent to the all boys academy and many things would have been different for example the bullying,meeting a teacher that wants to actually help him and it was one of the first causes of his “broken trust”.

On Page 84,chapter 11 the word “Hemorrhage” is another word I chose.A hemorrhage is a ruptured blood vessel in your brain or the lose of the blood and usually caused by trauma or a disease.I feel like the mom is going through a traumatic moment without showing it or being too obvious about it, like she’s hiding something from others more specifically her family and sooner or later it will cause something huge.For example Sammy glances over at his mom,”She’s afraid,what does she know think?”.I think its significant because if she doesn’t express what she’s thinking or her feelings on something when the time comes she will explode and it will cause damage.


Borderline:Passage Master by Laela Shibli Due:Fri May 15

On page 145,chapter 18, has a passage that is significant to the story,”Dad went to a security conference in Toronto.”Sammy was explaining to the FBI about what his dad did in Toronto,Canada something the FBI knew a little about but wanted more info and getting through the family was the best way to get that info even though Sammy didn’t really know what was happening and was also in the dark.The whole idea with what happened in toronto has caused havoc in not only the family but now the government.Arman Sabiri,Sammy’s dad, had promised Sammy into going on a trip to Toronto,”I’m off to a four-day security conference in Toronto,” “The jays have a doubleheader saturday with boston,” I could get us tickets.”It ends up getting canceled by his father saying something came up and now he has to go alone and left Sammy with alot of emotions.Then after the FBI want to know about that trip? To me it seems that that trip is where everybody’s attention is in the story because know one really knows and if they do their not telling and its causing some things to happen in the story for example Sammy relationship with his father and sooner or later will lose that bond completely if the trust is not gained, people look at the family differently like their terrorists,the government is watching their every move and have no more privacy.Everything seems to be revolving on that “visit” and once its revealed it wont be good.

On page 163,chapter 21,has an interesting passage,”The investigation targeted the Brotherhood of Martyrs and Dr.Arman Sabiri. Dr.Sabiri is a research director at Shelton Laboratories,the category-four bio lab near Rochester,New York.”This is the bombshell of the story,this quote was from a man on the news in the media room with FBI agents with thousands of people watching him especially Sabiri’s dad Dr.Arman Sabiri,saying that now the brotherhood is being targeted by the FBI and possibly the government for suspected in a crime against the country.Based on this information getting out to not only the country but the specific community the family lives in,affects them and makes a huge impact on the family especially Sabiri because the minute it happened the image of the “normal family” image that they wanted people to see is not completely destroyed and ends up changing how everybody sees them or hurts the family.For example on page 184 chapter 22 Sammy finally goes back to school after people finding about his family,”Today it’s like nobody’s staring at me but they really are,” or when Eddy(Sammy’s bully) ends up mouthing “Osama” to him.Their family is now getting what they never wanted and that was for others to see them as “different”.

On page 164,chapter 21,is where I chose my third passage,”Dad.What have you done?.” The passage itself would have been at the point that Sammy(the main character) has finally got to the idea that he no longer knows his father,he’s blaming his father for being suspected in a terrorist attack based on what he saw on the social media.It has also gotten to the point where the conflict is getting into action,showing that after all those secrets from his father,after this he could finally get some real answers.Its the reason why it has such a significance because it is the turning point of the story where something major is about to happen, Sammy “doesn’t know what he’s done,” it’s starts to effect Sammy and the family.For example back on page 114,chapter 14 “Lies!” Dad yells. “Lies,lies,lies! It’s all lies with you! Secrets and lies!” “Look who’s talking!.” Right after that conversation it was the beginning of the end,where from now on it will no longer be like their “normal” calm family.




Borderline:Making Connections by Laela Shibli Due:Fri May 8

In the book Borderline I found several things that both character and I had in common,from text-to-self,text-to-text and text-to-world.On page 24,chapter 3,the father(Arman) of the main character(Sammy) says,”I don’t want you out alone in a strange city.” He’s stating that he doesn’t want his son going without him to Toronto alone because its a “strange”  city,even though the father doesn’t even live there and has only been their for one reason business.It’s actually funny that his father says that because my father says that as well,sometimes if he ends up visiting a place once and something happens there that he doesn’t like he would never change his mind and would call the place “abnormal” or “it’s a horrible place,” half the time the reason is that the road was too bumpy.

On page 37,chapter 5,Sammy says,”She’s wearing her head scarf! Her green silk hijab! She never wears it in public except at mosque.Why now?” Initially he’s embarrassed of his mother for the reason that she is simply embarrassing her religion by wearing a hijab,which is ridiculous,you should be proud of that.Its sad really because of what has happened in the past for example 9/11,it has caused a lot of the muslim wearing wearing a hijab to be scared or self conscious in public,or event to the point where their own children would be embarrassed,most of it being because of how the social media portrays women with hijabs.

On page 40,chapter five, a girl named Mary Louise a christian,preaches to Sammy saying,” Sammy,I have to tell you about jesus.”Sammy replies with, “I already know about him,” “He’s one of our prophets.” She replies with,”No!”,Hes not just a prophet he’s the savior.” “Okay.Fine.Want some gum?” “I mean it, Sammy.You have to believe.How can I be happy up in heaven if you’re burning in hell?” Honestly im really sick of these “preachers” thinking they have the right to come up to people and try to “teach”(force) people about the bible that “if you don’t believe you will regret it.” Newsflash! I wouldn’t leave my religion because you knocked on my door.Its not right im not saying that every single person’s intentions are the same but they come off that way.Im certainly not the only one with a bad experience,but this on time this man had the guts to tell my mother and I that we should change our religion,he’s lucky he was old.To me some of them are crazy,the things they would do or try to do is beyond me.Did I mention that Mary Louise the christian girl ended up telling Sammy he could touch her boobs if he comes to the “living joy club.” “Sammy,would you like to touch my boos?” ” What?” “If you promise to come to the living with joy club you can touch my boobs.” “Isn’t that against the rules or something?” “Nothing’s a sin if you have a pure heart and do it for jesus.” Let’s just say he did and got caught.